Why Choose SJD Lace?

About SJD Lace Fabric Online Store 

SJD Lace® is a lace fabric brand registered as a trademark by KAULME Trading Co.,Lt in 2018.

In the past 10 years, SJD Lace has established long-term cooperation and business relationship with more than 30 countries. At present, we own ourselves online website, sjdlace.com is a wholesale and retail lace fabric online store( African fashion style & Ankara & Aso ebi style), the only official website. We are aim to provide high quality products and low available price for the fabricaholic and dressmaker.



3 Fabric Factories

SJD Lace has 3 factories, which covers 60000 square kilometer plant area and owns more than 600 workers. We also accepts special wholesale order, for those who need big quantity for drop shipping, local retail or group buy, special customized pattern available as well.

2 Warehouse: CN Warehouse and US Warehouse

We have 2 warehouses based in China and USA to meet the needs of different zones of customers. The CN warehouse has more different types and colors of inventory. It takes longer logistics time. Though the US Warehouse takes shorter logistics time, it has less kinds of products of inventory. 

5 Kinds of Lace Fabric

SJD Lace offers 5 kinds of fabrics, including Cotton Lace, French Lace Fabric, Guipure Lace, Velvet Fabric, African Lace Fabric.

  • Cotton Lace

SJD Lace provides Swiss Lace & Voile Fabric and 100% Cotton Fabric. We have designed rich patterns for cotton lace, specially the Swiss Lace & Voile Fabric.

Swiss voile fabric is a favorite material at SJD Lace. It’s versatile and popular on wedding dress, festival dress and other occasions. It has became an important part of African fashion. Swiss voile lace is usually based in cotton cloth, add rhinestone, embroidery, or some colorful patterns as decorations, it is thinner and has a more comfortable touch on African lace.

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  • Lace Fabric

The Lace Fabric includes Beaded Lace, Sequin Fabric and 3D Lace. This fabric usually based in tulle mesh lace or french lace, add bead, sequin, embroidery, rhinestones, 3D-design patterns as decorations, which is popular on wedding dress.


  • Guipure Lace

Guipure is now a tape word in French, however, it was used to describe lace at the beginning of the machine embroidery. This kind of lace fabric is usually embroidered with yarn on the water-soluble base fabric, which will decompose in the final processing, leaving on the embroidery, and has a limp or thicker thread to outline lace electronic patterns. Nowadays, Guipure cord lace is widely used in wedding dresses and evening dresses for its unique and bolder look.

Although Guipure lace is usually classified in the lace category, it is not made on a lace loom, but on an embroidery machine, so it is different. The Guipure is embroidery without mesh lining. This is what makes lace unique. The lace is lighter and always has a mesh lining. The Guipure cord lace is usually heavy, thick and open. If you look closely, you will find a detail that exudes: in the embossed pattern, the thread can follow the contour of the pattern, regardless of its degree of curvature, as if it "climbs" on the pattern. This allows for very neat and raised details. When in lace, the thread can never go back: since the background and pattern are made together, the weave of the fabric must be followed.


  • Velvet Fabric

When talking about velvet, people always think it is a luxurious, soft, lustrous, and nice drape fabric. SJD Lace offers you with available price of velvet, decorated with high quality colorful sequins. Velvet is warmth and soft, popular for winter dresses.

SJD Velvet

  • African Lace Fabric

SJD African Lace Fabric includes Bazin Fabric and Wax Fabric. This kind of fabric usually cover with wax-print or colorful sequined patterns.

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Whether you are an experienced expert or a novice who knows nothing about Arts Crafts or Sewing, you can find your suitable fabrics at SJD Lace, start your sewing, make beautiful dress, be a dressmaker now.

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